The 106 WQ Program takes samples

every week at our recreation sites

during sampling season which

include North Shore Recreation

Area, Joe Creek Recreation Area.

Campbell Creek Near Community

Stream and Crow Creek Near

Community Stream are considered

recreation sites as well because they

are so close to the surrounding

communities. Baseline sites (Monthly) are Joe Creek at Mouth, Joe Creek Near West Bend Community, Campbell Creek at Highway 34, Crow Creek at Boundary, Crow Creek at Fleury, Smith Creek at Shelby, and Crow Creek Near Community.



All samples taken also


Field Measurements of:


Dissolved Oxygen




Air Temperature


Water Temperature


Specific Conductance





  For the stream samples, the

stream width, depth, and flow

will also be measured. 




Samples collected will be sent to the

South Dakota Public Health


and analyzed for the following




Total Phosphorus



Total Nitrogen



        E. coli




Total Suspended






Total Dissolved














Weekly Lab Sample Results for North Shore Rec Area (NSRA)




Weekly Lab Sample Results for Joe Creek Rec Area (JCRA)

Baseline Lab Sample Results for Crow Creek at Fleury (CCFL)

Baseline Lab Sample Results for Crow Creek Near Community (CCNC)

Baseline Lab Sample Results for Smith Creek at Shelby (SCS)