Section 103 Tribal Clean Air Program

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe’s Clean Air Act Program’s mission is to work very hard to protect the health and welfare of the people living on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, with effective management of air quality, respecting the sovereignty and cultural values of the people of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe.

The areas of most concern are as follows: Maintaining the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

For the criteria pollutants are as follows: Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Particulate Matter, Sulfur Dioxide and also Lead.


Air Borne agricultural chemicals and particulate matter (dust) are pollutants common to rural areas.


Program Goals:

Emissions inventory

Air Quality

Provide community outreach and education that will be about air quality related topics. This would be accomplished through participating in our yearly Earth Day Event that is held by the Environmental departments every year in the Fort Thompson District area, during Health Fairs, Clean Up Events that are held every Summer in the Big Bend and Crow Creek Districts, anybody is welcome to come to the Clean Air office and receive outreach information Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm.



The Tribal Clean Air Act Program was funded in 2015 by Region 8 Environmental Protection Agency, Denver Colorado.

 Funding was provided under, section 103 of the Clean Air Act for developing programs.


CAA Coordinator- Terry Abernathy

                                          CLEAN AIR PROGRAM